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04 July 2006

Good to Great

So, I read through the first several sections of "Good to Great," one of the books Phil is having me read to get started with Provo Labs.

My friends, this book, and the fact that I've been asked to read it, is exactly what I loved reading about when I was researching Provo Labs. How much easier is it to accomplish things as a business when you have tremendous people pushing projects, ideas, and team efforts towards the same kind of achievement level?

I would definitely rather invest my time reading a book like Good to Great, to differentiate between the habits and management philosophies of companies with amazing & successful track records, and then apply that to my work method, than wrestle with personality conflicts or watercooler gossip. (Yeah, ok, there's nothing like a mid-day soap opera story in the breakroom, but I can get that same buzz at home on the TV later, right?)

So. Finishing thought: "Ahh. This approach to work feels good."



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