Why Provo Labs Is Hiring Carolynn Duncan

29 June 2006

A Sampling of the Problems I Could Solve At Provo Labs

Provo Labs, look out. I am a problem solving machine, and a great employee to boot. (This is not a platitude, I really do focus on accomplishing my responsibilities in a professional, time-and-money-saving, friendly manner.)

Here is a brief list of the kinds of problems I would like to solve for you. There may be others I haven't thought of yet, which you need assistance with, so let me know.

1. Develop, operate, and train others to implement a communications system for Provo Labs and its affiliate portfolio companies which will preserve and retain client relationships.

2. Build relationships with your staff and clients which will be well known for follow-up, integrity, and increased productivity.

3. Complete any writing tasks in 1/2 or less of the time someone else would take.

4. Improve any content, communications, websites, and written materials through editing text, layout, and overall message.

5. Provide leadership to any previously challenging and digressing obstacle which is currently impeding company growth; resolve the issues and carry the project toward success.

6. Teach corporate training workships on any topic needed, provided I have one hour to research and lesson plan beforehand. (I can improv teach, but for maximum effectiveness, let's plan ahead a little.)

7. Organize any chaotic system, problem, or challenge, re-structure a fitting solution, and teach others to maintain and improve the new approach.

8. Translate and interact with clients and staff who speak Spanish, make occasional jokes in my limited conversational Russian, and improve the vocabularies of my co-workers through friendly pronounciation and spelling assistance (if needed).

9. Brainstorm lists such as this one of options, solutions, ideas, and strategies.

10. Teach the incubated companies how to improve and maximize their business plans through writing workshops that target the business plan as a way to guide and grow the company.

11. Teach the incubated companies how to prepare and deploy a marketing campaign that will knock the socks off any new client or potential investor, increasing revenue, funding, self-reliance, and confidence to acquire any project or client, every time.


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